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So Brazil takes off in Perth

So Brazil at the Canton Lounge Bar, Perth, 25 July 2009

So Brazil at the Canton Lounge Bar, Perth, 25 July 2009

Our debut concert last Saturday night, 25 July 2009, at the Canton Lounge Bar was a night to remember. Both myself and Juliana were very happy with the outcome and wonderful public that gave us the pleasure of their company for a little over an hour of International music with a Brazilian taste. We had such good feedback from all the people present, who cheered and sang and participated in such vibrant way that made our concert more energetic and Brazilian. We felt like we were able to build a solid bridge connecting Perth to Brazil, which we hope will strengthen the opportunity for us all to contribute our cultural values to this wonderful country where we live, Australia, the true melting pot of the XXI century.

Thank you Brazilian Zest, Canton, Totem for dressing Juliana, and the wonderful multi-cultural community in Perth!



Brazilian Night with So Brazil

Brazilian Zest and Canton Lounge Bar present

So Brazil Duo

Featuring Juliana Areias (voice) and Jose Henrique (guitar)

Season: July 25 2009


Decided to prove that Brazil can be much more than just carnival and soccer, the singer Juliana Areias and the guitar player Jose Henrique have created So Brazil. The voice and guitar duo will be performing for the first time on 25 July 2009 at The Canton Lounge Bar as part of a Brazilian night organized by Brazilian Zest. The concert will embrace several shades of the Brazilian/Latin Jazz spectrum, and its resonance upon other international musical styles.

Seasoning the night, Cema Santos, Brazlian Zest’s manager, and Chef Dan Moss will be adding to the menu at The Canton Lounge Bar a special Brazilian platter, with the promise to take guests in a journey all the way around the world to Brazil and back to Perth. “The idea is to offer a Brazilian night abroad, so we will also be offering other music styles that will touch all tastes”, says Cema, who has invited the Brazilian DJ Bena to make her guests dance to rhythms like samba and disco before and after So Brazil’s concert.

Juliana Areias and Jose Henrique came from completely different backgrounds. Still in Brazil, Juliana began her career as an actress and a theatre producer before becoming a professional singer. Living overseas since 1996, she had the opportunity to perform at The Montreux Jazz Festival, in 1998, and at The Cairo International Song Festival, in 1999, while she was living in Switzerland. While living in New Zealand, Juliana performed at the The Auckland Festival. Her official debut in Perth happened in March, a full house concert at Kulcha, performing with the local band Aquarela.

Jose Henrique began his career as a musician during his teens. At the age of 21, he recorded an album as the bassist for Picassos Falsos _ one of the pivotal bands of the so-called Brazilian Rock Movement, in the 80’s. Thereafter, Jose Henrique went deep into the soul of modern Brazilian music, playing with reggae and funk groups from the industrial suburbs surrounding Rio de Janeiro. Jose moved to Sydney, and then to Washington, DC, in the pursuit of deepening his expertise in his other passion, Oceanography. During that time, Jose played with Latin Jazz musicians in Australia and the US.

For their first show, So Brazil duo put together a repertoire featuring Brazilian compositions, such as Jobim’s bossa nova “Fotografia”, Tim Maia’s soulful “Nao quero dinheiro” and the romantic “Sozinho”, popularized by Caetano Veloso. The duo will also touch hits of the global music, like “Every breath you take”, with a surprising new zest. “

This project is giving us the opportunity of recreating a truly Brazilian atmosphere outside Brazil”, says Juliana. “Our music sounds Brazil, even when we are interpreting a rock or a pop tune, because of the genuine groove and intimacy between the guitar and the voice. The sophistication comes from an elegant and innovative simplicity in this perspective”.

Cast and Crew

Executive Producer: Cema Santos
Hairstylist: Leonardo Wichrowski Neto
Artistic Director: Roberta Alves
Voice: Juliana Areias
Guitar: José Henrique
Dress: Totem Praia

so brazil

Season 25 July
7.30pm _ So Brazil
AU$ 20
The Canton Lounge Bar
532 Hay Street, Perth CBD
Bookings: 040 571 1199

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