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So Brazil Live @ Woodside


After the wonderful performance at Kulcha, we are delighted to announce our next concert as part of Live@Woodside, an event promoted by Woodside Energy celebrating the arrival of Spring and all those other nice things that happen this time of year.

We will be playing in this free event, open to the general public. outdoors at the Woodside Plaza Gardens, off St Georges Terrace in the Perth CBD, on 5 October 2009, a Monday. Performances start at 11:30am, so its a good opportunity to bring the kids and have some fun listening and dancing to our Brazilian rhythms before, through and after lunch.

Also called Spring Fest, Live@Woodside is organized by Steamworks Arts Production, and includes Circus, Puppetry, Theatre and Music performances. More information can be obtained through the Live@Woodside website.


Sold Out Fun at Brazilian Kulcha

So Brazil: Juulan Areias (voice) & Jose Henrique (guitar)

Jose Henrique (guitar) and Juliana (voice)

Our performance last night at the Kuclha Multicultural Centre, in Fremantle, Western Australia, was a great success.

The crowd at Kulcha

The crowd at Kulcha

Tickets were sold out, so we had the pleasure to play our music to a public over 200 strong. Also strong were our feelings of connection towards all present at Kulcha, so we take this chance to thank again the wonderful and vibrant crowd that cheered So Brazil and our guest musicians while we were doing one of those things we like to do best: music.


Eduardo Mello

The concert night had a grand opening provided elegantly by guitarist Eduardo Mello. His set list included a few classics of the jazz and rock repertoire, such as What a Wonderful World and Hotel California, which were all played in a cool Brazilian style, intertwined with bossa nova standards, like The Girl From Ipanema and Copacabana. During the short intermission, our public had the chance to discover the wonderful tastes of Brazil that were provided in a delicious platter cooked by Lucas, Gerusa and Mel.


So Brazil and guests

So Brazil went on stage facing a crowd that mixed nicely the full range of age groups and nationalities, which only made up for a more exciting night. After opening the concert with two songs in a duo performance, guest musicians Adam Monk (percussion) and Ricardo Gonçalves (cavaquinho and percussion) joined us on stage. And from there on the temperature kept on escalating, to our sounds of samba, maracatu, baião and all those fantastic Brazilian rhythms.

Stage warmth

Stage warmth

Contagious would be a best word to define those moments, which will be nice to remember: our happiness on stage, the connection between musicians and public, the girls showing their samba no pé sending back to us all the energy we were happy to deliver all night long. Ah, OK, not only the girls, but also Marcio Mendes showed in a flash performance that men can do the samba. Marcio reinforced the So Brazil team at the end of our concert, playing the surdo, and made the nice photo shoots in this post. Esse joga nas 11, valeu Marcio!

So Brazil ended the concert with a song dedicated to one of our major and most enthusiastic supporters, Alycee Barrett. We played “Aquele Abraco”, written by Gilberto Gil, and it was hard to leave the stage as the public was keen to see, hear and dance to So Brazil’s energetic music into the night. At that point, Juliana invited her friends Luciana Negrao and Jonas Vianna for a quiet song evoking rhythms from the Northern states of Brazil, which eased the public before it headed out to the cool early-Spring night in Fremantle.


Alto Astral

We thank very much all present for the wonderful night you gave us, as we are pretty sure most people had almost as much fun as we had. More than thanks to Roberta for being our PR, stage director, friend and guardian angel. Thanks also to Kulch, The Brazilian Embassy in Canberra and Brazilian Zest for the opportunity. Jason, who did very well commanding the PA sound. Adam, obrigado for the slideshow of your Brazilian photos during the gig. Our sponsors, thank you: Juliana looked beautiful in her dress by Totem jewellry by Daniela’s Collection and make-up + hair specially cared by Juliana Mariotto.

And that was the night Kulcha became a small but resonant part of Brazil.

Adam, Juliana, Jose Henrique and Rick.

Adam, Juliana, Jose Henrique and Rick.

New Guests to our Concert at Kulcha

Last night So Brazil had a full concert rehearsal for the gig at Kulcha, which happens this coming Saturday, Sep 12th. Over the weekend we had spent most time working on song structures and practicing with our two guest musicians, Adam Monk, who will be playing the pandeiro and other percussion instruments, and a new guest, Ricardo Gonçalves, aka Rick, a brilliant Brazilian cavaquinho player who will be joining forces with us to give our public a closer feel to what our view of Brazilian music is all about.

Last night Rick showed his talents also as a percussion player, so we all decided he will be synergizing with Adam’s talents playing zabumba, the traditional bass drum from NE Brazil, besides playing a sharp cavaquinho in a few other songs. The rehearsal went way into the night, and after 5 hours we were all exhausted, but very happy with the results.

Our latest practice session had also our friend Eduardo Mello sitting in for rehearsing a duet he will be performing with Juliana on Saturday. Eduardo will be the opening act to our concert. His work is centered on classics from the world rock repertoire, re-arranged and spiced with a Brazilian feel.

After having the main structure of the concert sorted out, we are now working towards getting some other attractions ready for our public. Adam, who will play percussion with us on Saturday, is also a gifted landscape photographer, so we asked him if he would like to provide some of his photos for a digital exhibition during the gigs intermissions. We have also contacted some photographers in Brazil, but have not yet had any response that they could send us some digital material for showing at Kulcha.

Kulcha has been offering pre-booking to our concert online, through their site (

Preparations for the gig at Kulcha on 12 September


So Brazil Duo had photos taken today for a feature story in the Fremantle Herald about the Brazilian Independence month celebrations, which will take place at the Kulcha Multicultural Centre. So Brazil Duo will be playing on 12 September, Saturday, 7:30pm (more info and bookings click here). The photo session also featured percussionist Adam Monk, who was invited by us to join forces for the gig at Kulcha. Originally a conga player (as well as a talented landscape photographer), Adam has lived recently in Brazil, where he became interested in the pandeiro and learned an impressive set of Brazilian rhythms.

We have made two other additions to our attractions list for the Kulcha concert. Brazilian guitarist, singer and harmonica player Eduardo Mello will be presenting an opening act to So Brazil’s concert, focusing on blues and rock tunes played with an essentially Brazilian feel. We have also invited our friends Lucas and Gerusa, who will be preparing some delicious Brazilian nibblies to our public at Kulcha (Lucas told us that he will present us and our public with his famous “caldinho de feijao”, a spicy black-bean soup that gives a perfect match for drinking caipirinhas).