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Jam during the Feijoada at the Sicilian, in Subi

The Sicilian restaurant in Subiaco, Perth Metro, hosted yesterday a feijoada which featured a group of sambistas under the command of Marcio and Brazilian mid-fielder Amaral, a soccer player who came from Vasco to join the local team, Perth Glory, last year. In the event, which was called “Feijoada com Pagode”, the guys were grooving away for a vibrant young public about 200 people strong. Marcio invited So Brazil Duo to stage where we played three songs on top the rhythmic bed of the sambistas, which also included in the background extra drum beat by the Perth escola de samba Beleza. We were very happy to see and hear the public dancing and singing along the popular songs we played, covers of the originals by Carlinhos Brown (Magamalabares) and Paralamas do Sucesso (me Liga and Meu Erro).

It worked great as a preparation for our next gig, on 12 September (Saturday) at Kulcha, in Fremantle, Western Australia, as part of the celebration of Brazil’s independence week.


Kulcha, 12 September 02009

Next gig: 12 September 02009, Kulcha, Fremantle

Next gig: 12 September 02009, Kulcha, Fremantle

This week we confirmed our next gig will be at the Kulcha cultural centre, in Fremantle, on 12 September 02009. That is a Saturday. We are planning a two-set concert, expanding on the repertoire presented last month at the Canton Lounge Bar, adding several new bossas, sambas and adaptations from rock and jazz standards to the So Brazil “language”. We are also preparing two new song adaptations as a surprise. This will be a celebration of the influence of Australian music in our lives: we’ve selected two very popular Australian songs from the 70’s and 80’s, and will be selecting a further two from the 90’s and 00’s, which will be performed for the first time during the gig at Kulcha.

We will post more news about this, and other upcoming gigs soon!

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