So Brazil

Voice & Guitar Duo

Who we are – Nós somos

So Brazil is a voice & guitar duo based in Perth, Western Australia. The duo was formed in 2009 by singer Juliana Areias and bassist Jose Henrique Alves.

Juliana Areias began her career as an actress and a theatre producer before becoming a professional singer. Living overseas since 1996, Juliana had the opportunity to perform at The Montreux Jazz Festival, in 1998, and at The Cairo International Song Festival, in 1999, while she was living in Switzerland. While living in New Zealand, Juliana performed at the The Auckland Festival. Her official debut in Perth happened in March, a full house concert at Kulcha, performing with the local band Aquarela.

Jose Henrique began his career as a musician during his teens. At the age of 21, he recorded an album as the bassist for Picassos Falsos _ one of the pivotal bands of the so-called Brazilian Rock Movement, in the 80’s. After this first success, Jose Henrique went deep into the soul of modern Brazilian music, playing with reggae and funk groups from the industrial suburbs surrounding Rio de Janeiro. Jose moved to Sydney, and then to Washington, DC, in the pursuit of deepening his expertise in his other passion, Oceanography. Never leaving music behind, Jose played with several Latin-American musicians in Australia and the US.


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