So Brazil

Voice & Guitar Duo

A new dose of fun

Encore, encore – exclaimed the public at the end of the last So Brazil presentations at The Kiosk Floreat Beach and Salt on The Beach. Your wish is always our command so we are happy to announce  the next gig  of the So Brazil Beach concert Series: a new dose of fun, music, charming people, beautiful food, beach and summer vibe celebration at the Kiosk Floreat Beach on Thursday 28 January .More details and news in our upcoming gigs page.

Stay tuned as more excinting surprises will be anounced shortly.

* Original Photo “Floreat Beach Sunset” taken by Jeff Brown

See original image here




  Jeff wrote @

Iam flattered that you have used my image as part of your promotion. However it would have been decent of you to acknowlegde the image as being mine … and posting a link back to the original image !!


  sobrazil wrote @

Hi Jeff, you are right, I apologise for it. I have already put the right credits at the post. Thank you very much for allowing me to still display your beautiful work and for giving me the chance of correcting my fault. It is nice to talk to you. Do you live in Perth? By “good coincidence” I am still singing at Floreat Beach every Thursday from 6pm to 8pm with guitarist Glenn Rogers, ( as my So Brazil friend Jose Henrique is no longer living in Perth) I will be at the Ellington Jazz Club on Wed 20 April with my quintet too. It would be lovely meeting you personnaly. More details of my current work and gigs at my website: . I hope to meet you soon. Cheers, Juliana 🙂

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